Final Match of the Autumn Football Tournament

ISP Autumn Football Tournament 2013 – 2014


                       Angry Birds



The final of ISP Autumn Football Tournament 2013 – 2014 was played between the two

The game was played at the facilities of Marigona Residence, with the attendance of all the middle school students and teachers.sides, Angry Birds and Teletubbies.

Angry Birds and Teletubbies showed a great success through their journey to finals.

Angry Birds won the match 2-0 with goals from Melos and Muhammed.

Dren won the Top Scorer award with 10 goals.

The runner-up team, Teletubbies, got their medals with the ceremony right after the game.

ISP Director, Hasan Hüseyin Demir, honored the Champions by giving their cup and medals at the ceremony.

Congratulations Angry Birds!

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