Monthly Archives: April 2016

The program of the preschool kindergarden C.

Children performed a show, recited poems, sang and danced.

Milk And Dairy Products

Class 4B during the Handicrafts lesson hour made an activity where they made fast food prepared with milk.

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The visit of ‘Bardha’ kindergarten in ISP

Today ‘Bardha’ kindergarten groups visited ISP school where they held many different activities. They visited pre-school kindergarten classes where various activities were performed with the smart board. After,they went to the sports hall where they played different games. They also rode with Ponny. After they finished lunch they visited ‘Jete o jete’ in ‘Carshia’ where they enjoyed playing. At the end certificates for participation were disributed for each child.

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Bubble Making Race

The preschoolers had a bubble making race. They were so excited to see how the bubbles became bigger as they blew out. it was so fun.

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Bear trip

The second grade classes visited the Prishtina Bear Sanctuary. They met rescued brown bears and enjoyed an outdoor walk. Afterward, the students ate a nice lunch at Villa Natyra and continued to play outdoors.

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