International Women’s Day

The students of the 4A class, experienced the International Women’s Day, the March 8th, with a very special activity. In the red hall of the school there were some very kind word said about the mothers.
Then the presentation of the teacher Diana, which had to do with the theme of women from the past to the present, proved that women are very important in both, family and society.
And, the sweetness of the activity was when the students performed together with their moms at the scene. They participated in several categories such as:
song, dance, recitation. dress and hairstyle.
And the culmination of the atmosphere at the scene was when mums together with their children ended their activity singing the song: “Do not spoil my happiness.”
It is worth noting that everyone had a great time and thanked very much for this organization!
After a small cocktail, while holding each others hands, students went home with balloons, postcards and hearts.

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